Changing Youth Sports
General coaching information
  • How are teams put together?
    Teams are formed based on skills rating, grade and height.

  • How many players are on a team?
    We try to make teams of 8 players. Some may have 7 or 9 depending on the number of players in the divison or the number of coaches.

  • What are the divisions?
    A - K-2nd grade boys AA - K-2nd grade girls
    B - 3rd/4th grade boys BB - 3rd/4th grades girls
    C - 5th/6th grade boys CC - 5th/6th grade girls
    D - 7th-9th grade boys DD - 7th-9th grade girls

  • Does the league provide equipment?
    The league provides each coach a bag of 3 - 4 basketballs, a whistle and a dry erase clipboard. The bag of balls are returned at the end of the season.

  • Are there any coaching clinics?
    The league tries to coordinate a coaching clinic in mid-December. The director and high school coaches are also available for questions.
  • What times are the practices?
    K-2nd grade 6:00, 6:50 and 7:40
    Saturday practices 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 1:00

  • How do I schedule practices?
    The director assigns the first 6 - 8 and then you may request additional times via email and a online schedule. Gym time and availability varies. There is some flexibility to your teams schedule based upon the head coaches availability.

  • How many games are played?
    8 games. Normally one to two a week.

  • When are the days are the games?
    Most games are Monday thru Thursday nights. But all teams may have some Saturday games.

  • What times are the games?
    K-2nd grade 6:00, 6:50 and 7:40
    All other divisions 6:15 & 7:30
    Saturday games 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 1:30 & 3:00

  • How much time commitment is there?
    We ask each team to practice as often as they can. The more practice the better the players become.