FMYB Board Member Roles

Director - The Director shall conduct the affairs of the local League, preside over Board members, report to the Board, and oversee the general operations of the league.

The Director shall investigate all complaints, irregularities, and conduct detrimental to the successful operation of the local League, its primary objective and its skills-based program.

The Director shall oversee the placement of players, with the Registrar and other Board members as needed.

The Director shall assure that teams are built fairly and competitively.

The Director shall be the sole speaking agent for the local League. No other Board Member or officer may speak on behalf of the local League, unless so delegated by the Director.

The Director shall take recommendations from each respective Board member, with input from the respective Directors, for a Board vote.

The Director shall be responsible for the publicity of the local league.

The Director shall procure signed agreements for facility usage for the league with the Fife School District.

Registrar - The Registrar shall over see all registration setup, management and communication with families during registration.

The Registrar will coordinate the Skills Clinic in November for registration processing.

The Registrar will be in charge of building teams and providing coaches with rosters. Player data will be provided to Director for building of the teams.

The Registrar will report to the Board of registration numbers.

The registrar will schedule all league games via Bonzi software.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of the League, to report on the current financial status of the League at each meeting of the Board, or upon request of the Director or any other Board Member.

The Treasurer will be required to keep accurate records of all monies received and checks drawn on any and all accounts of the League.

The Treasurer shall maintain the League's insurance and filing with the State of Washington and the IRS.

Equipment Manager - The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for the purchase, allocation and storage of all equipment of the League, including accounting for the whereabouts of all equipment.

The Equipment Manager shall prepare an annual accounting of the equipment to the Board of Directors each October, along with a projection for equipment needed and cost for such new equipment. No equipment may be purchased without the approval of the Director or Treasurer.

The Equipment Manager will coordinate the purchase and distribution of the custom basketballs, players jerseys, officials equipments and other league needed equipment.

The Equipment Manager will coordinate the collection of league equipment and storage during the off season.

Officials Manager - The Officials Manager shall be responsible for providing Training Clinics for all league officials.

The Officials Manager shall conduct clinics for officials prior to the start of the regular season and as necessary during the season to further train volunteer officials.

The Officials Manager will manage the schedules of the officials to insure there is proper coverage of all games and tournaments.

Sponsor Agent - The Sponsor Agent shall be responsible for soliciting sponsors for the various teams within the League, soliciting tournament sponsors, and soliciting general contributors to the League.