Scholarship Policy


Fife Milton Youth Basketball / FMYB shall provide scholarship funds to those individuals that can demonstrate need to the extent possible as dictated by budget and augmented by fund raising. Fife Milton Youth Basketball will be limited in its ability to provide scholarship opportunities based on member participation in submitting annual player fees and success in fund raising efforts. Our policy is to ask you to pay what you can. If your child is on reduced lunch we ask for 50% of the fees, if your child is on free lunch please pay what you can. All registrants are required to pay a minimum of $15.00. This covers the costs of shirt, ball and online registration fees. In the event of unforeseen financial hardship or unanticipated expense, FMYB reserves the right postpone, rescind or terminate the Scholarship Policy for the greater good of the League and its Members.


  • Individuals must make the initial request for financial assistance prior to registration deadline.
  • Forms (may be submitted online below) must be filled out in their entirety and must provide a clear picture of need and circumstances relative to need.
  • The maximum amount for scholarship award shall be determined by the executive board of directors. Scholarship recipients may be required to assist with club functions. Fife Milton Youth Basketball/FMYB reserves the right to request that scholarship recipients participate in fundraising activities at a higher than typically expected level in support of the scholarship program.
  • Scholarship award, amount of award, and the identity of those individuals that apply for financial aid shall be considered confidential and only those with the need to know shall be so informed.
  • Scholarship recipients shall be notified in writing or email upon scholarship award and the amount of award shall be indicated in the notice.
  • Scholarship applications must be received by no later than November 20th of the registration year.
  • Once application has been made, register online and choose the "Pay by Check" method on payment screen. An adjustment will be made to your balance. Balance must be paid in full prior to the skills clinic.
Player Scholarship Request Form