General Information

To self assign for games please go here.

The officials coordinator is: Joseph Blackner.
Fife Milton Youth Basketball supplies 2 officials for all games.
All individuals 14 and older, or 8th grade and above are invited to become officials.

Compensation Table: Sliding scale based on rank / experience
Boys Games Girls Games
A - $13.00 per game AA - $13.00 per game
B - $16.00 per game BB - $16.00 per game
C - $18.00 per game CC - $18.00 per game
D - $20.00 per game DD - $20.00 per game
March Tournament $18 per game / $10 scorebook / $10 clock
Officials will be paid at mid season and at the end of the season. Bonuses offered.

Basic Officiating Notes

  1. REFEREE THE DEFENSE - When the offense initiates contact into a defender who has established legal guarding position, it is NOT a foul on the defense. After determining that the offensive player is dribbling straight to the basket, locate the defensive player. Where is the defensive player? Has the defensive player established a legal guarding position? Has the defensive player legally gotten to the spot first, initially facing the dribbler with both feet on the floor? If so, the offensive player has committed a foul if significant contact occurs.

  2. "TO AND THROUGH" ON BLOCK / CHARGE PLAYS - Mere contact that knocks a defender to the floor does not mean a charge. If the offensive player stops his momentum upon contact you should consider a no-call regardless if the defender goes down. If an offensive player continues to go "through" defender than you have a charge.

  3. RSBQ (Rhythm, Speed, Balance, Quickness) - Too many fouls called when these four things are not affected. Mere placing a hand on a player does not constitute a foul. Allow players to play through "marginal" contact when the RSBQ is not taken away from the offensive player.

  4. START-DEVELOP-FINISH - Too many officials blow their whistle at the start of the play and do not see the entire play happening. This leads to too many missed calls or missed opportunities to "save one" that you may need later in the game.

  5. STAY IN YOUR PRIMARY - Don't try to "save the world" by going and getting a foul in front of your partner that they might be passing on calling. Non-basketball plays or plays everyone in the gym can see are one thing; marginal contact fouls outside of your area should be left alone.
Various examples of Foul calls